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Its just soooooooooooooooooooooo *_* *_* There are no words :) :)!!
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Its just soooooooooooooooooooooo *_* *_* There are no words :) :)!!

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the name ‘Iker Casillas’ should never be combined with any club name except ‘Real Madrid’

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  • Me: Honey, I'm home!
  • ...
  • Me: Oh, I forgot he's on an away match
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all of those transfer rumours


I could reblog this my entire life.


This gif = my life :’D
Thankfully, this year isnt as cruel as the last ;)

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Anonymous said: hey! just wondering, why do many cristiano fans not like messi? is it simply because of the whole rivalry/competition between them? or has messi done something that people don't like? i know many messi fans hate on cris because he's "arrogant" and stuff, so why do many ronaldo fans not seem to like messi? i know there are many cris fans that respect messi but im just wondering if i'm not aware of something messi has done that people don't like him? thanks! :)


Phew ok this will be a lot so heads up.

I respect Messi as a talented footballer, don’t get me wrong, but he’d be a flop if he left Barcelona. When it comes to the Messi v Ronaldo thing it’s all about playing preference (if you take the rivalry seriously and don’t judge it on Cristiano’s fancy hairstyles). I like Ronaldo because he is complete. He can score goals from freekicks, his left, his right, his head, his knee. He will lap back and help defense. He will play midfielder. Messi…. he stands around usually and waits for someone to pass it to him. IMO it’s been proven that if the play isn’t centered around him, he’s worthless. Anyone that knows how to kick a ball would score a ton of goals if you CONSTANTLY received the ball from all of your team mates.

On a personal level I, again, choose Ronaldo. Messi fans tend to label Cristiano as “arrogant.” Yes… he is arrogant. Not in the way they try to make it seem though. He knows he’s a good player. He knows many women think he’s attractive. Yet they blame him for recognizing that fact? I don’t get it. But what a lot of people tend to overlook is ALL the AMAZING things Cristiano does for people. He’s donated SO MUCH MONEY to charity. He donated one of his golden boots like wow? I mean that’s crazy, I’ll admit I wouldn’t give that up. He doesn’t have tattoos so he can be a bone marrow donor. He paid for a life saving cancer treatment for a child. Like I could go on forever. But let’s stray away from the whole tax deduction stuff and get to the real shit. You see a person/child run onto the field Messi cringes away. (I have seen footage of him being decent but yeah still I’ve seen plenty where he’s acting like a little dick). Ronaldo? Always takes the time to appreciate them. Always is super nice. My favorite case was one that happened last summer in the USA. A younger guy ran onto the field and embraces Cris and they talk for a good 2ish minutes? That guy told Cristiano he thinks of him as a father figure because his father left him and he was an inspiration to him. Cristiano keeps all the security away to talk to him about it. After that since the guy was an adult he was put into jail and Ronaldo wrote a letter to the police HIMSELF asking them to drop charges. The guy could’ve gotten deported because of this. Ronaldo had a back up plan however and said he’d pay for his education if that happened.

Let’s talk about some of the really shitty things Messi has done, shall we? Well last summer Messi set up that Messi and friends game. Well his agents sold tickets worth $2500 a piece to meet him after. Messi never showed up. Never gave a reason. Never gave their money back. Broke a lot of his fans hearts. That sure is a good role model there. I will also direct you to my favorite Messi skill video: (x) so lovely of him to intentionally shoot a ball into a crowd of Madridistas. Can I also throw in that when Cris ACCIDENTALLY shoots into a crowd and hurts someone he makes up for it by signing a shirt and giving it to them as well as just APOLOGIZING, but Messi does no wrong so why should he apologize? You could also read this report: (x) can’t promise it’s worth a grain of salt, but I have heard things like this before and it claims to be from a reliable source. Honestly, I think he’s a shit human being as well. Not everything is at it seems.

You also have to appreciate all that Ronaldo has been through in his life and yet here he is the best player in the world. His dad died when he was 21. He sat through his mom fighting off cancer (and then donated 100000 to the hospital that saved her life so they could better their cancer center). He’s under CONSTANT criticism. Yet he takes all that and grows from it. He doesn’t let it pull him down, he uses it to become stronger. He’s my hero. I’ve been through a lot in my life, a lot of similar experiences as Ronaldo, and he inspires me to push through it and keep going. 

I BEG you to look read up on him. Learn all you can about how amazing he is. I really can’t describe how much this man has changed my life and how in debt to him I am. 

I’ll end this with my favorite quote:

"Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable."

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  • Messi: *stands around and is utterly useless*
  • Argentina NT: *scores goal*
  • Argentina NT: wut
  • Argentina NT: but he didn't even scor-
  • Argentina NT:
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Put a country in my ask (World Cup edition)

  • Algeria: top 3 strikers in the World Cup
  • Argentina: your NT and which you are supporting for the World Cup
  • Australia: football crush
  • Belgium: your dynamic duo
  • Bosnia and Herzegovia: a footballer you will like to meet
  • Cameroon: a national team you can't stand
  • Chile: top 3 defenders
  • Columbia: a goal celebration you are looking forward to
  • Costa Rica: top 3 midfielders
  • Croatia: who would win the golden ball,silver and bronze (best player)
  • Eguador: golden glove
  • England: favourite ship/ bromance
  • France: prediction... 1st 2nd and 3rd
  • Germany: if you were to choose your 11 man squad who would you choose
  • Ghana: name 5 international bromances/ships you are glad to be reunited
  • Greece: a National Team you would like to meet
  • Honduras: do you have any World Cup rituals?
  • Iran: favourite jersey in the World Cup (from any year)
  • Italy: top teams to reach the final
  • Ivory Coast: is this your first World Cup? Which others did you experience as a fan
  • Japan: what are you looking forward to in the World Cup?
  • Mexico: favourite World Cup song
  • Netherlands: favourite NT coach
  • Nigeria: favourite team to win the World Cup
  • Portugal: 5 people you are excited about them being called up by their NT for the World Cup
  • Russia: predict something about the World Cup
  • South Korea: a football Club you will use as your NT in the World Cup if you could
  • Spain: who would win golden boot, silver and bronze (highest goal scorer)
  • Switzerland: a footballer who retired/ retired from international competition you will miss in the World Cup
  • Uraguay: favourite goalie
  • Usa: who would be the first team to be eliminated

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Reblog if you are Team Steroline

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They already said ten times, that Real is coming. And I’m still waiting here like an idiot.