Oh God….

I just can’t believe that they are doing it again. Sergio last year cried because they lost and I was hoping and wanting revenge this year, but nooo. They are playing like a five year old kids  and let be honest- even them would do better. 

I hope Real Madrid get his ass back together and go out there and win this fucking game and finally get his revenge. If they can’t do it for them, well then they have to do it for us- Madridistas.

We always stand up for them, we are always here supporting them no matter what. And this is what we get in return. I wish I could yell at them so much. I want them to you put there and  say We can do it. 

They always said you have to fight for everything. It would be awesome if they would prove that now. We want to go to Lisbon this year and we want this La decima for good.

So, you better get out there and win or at least make to the next stage of the competition.